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Eric Powell

Eric Powell is a writer and artist from Nashville Tennessee who has contributed work for every major publisher in the comics industry. In 1999 Eric launched his critically acclaimed creator owned series  THE GOON. In 2002 Eric Launched ALBATROSS EXPLODING FUNNYBOOKS in an effort to keep the Goon alive when no other publisher wanted it because it was too “different”. But the readers spoke and the Goon quickly became an indy hit and picked up a diehard cult following. The Goon found a home and a wider audience with DARK HORSE COMICS, but Eric continued to publish creator owned comics through Albatross such as his all ages comicCHIMICHANGA and Rebecca Sugar’s PUG DAVIS. (Rebecca followed that up by creating the Primetime Emmy Award nominated Steven Universe for Cartoon Network.) Eric has spent his career creating and promoting the validity and importance of creator owned comics through Albatross and other publishers such as Dark Horse and Image Comics.

Eric continues working on various Goon related projects as well as other work for hire and creator owned books such as Big Trouble in Little China, Big Man Plans with co-writer Tim Wiesch, and Chimichanga with artist Stephanie Buscema. In 2016 Eric rededicated himself in earnest to his publishing company, ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS, and launched his new fantasy series HILLBILLY.

Eric has been working in collaboration with acclaimed director David Fincher, Blur Animation to bring the Goon to life on the big screen as an animated feature film.