Never Forget Shirt Clarification

vhs-tattoo There are a few different websites saying that Mondo is up to some whack shit. I've been getting a lot of emails and private messages saying, "You guys ripped off Nakatomi on the VHS shirt." I wanted to take a moment out of an INCREDIBLY FUN Cinemapocalypse tour to address it. It's not a rip. I'm going to keep this very short...My friend and I once had a company called Nakatomi. We had a falling out. He does his thing and I'm doing mine here at Mondo. One thing I took with me was this design. Some people have said that it's lame that I used the same design. Well, this shirt was based off of a tattoo that myself and five other friends got last November or so.  So, that's why I used the same design. The shirts that Nakatomi are selling are what was left over from when I was still with them. This ISN'T a big deal. Just wanted to clear this up. -Justin