This weekend is packed. Let's Party!

Hey You! Put the Wii stick down, come out of your parents basement and step out into the light this weekend. There is SO much stuff going on this weekend here in Austin (and Houston). First, we have the massive NIGHT OF THE CREEPS reunion screening at the Ritz. If you haven't got your tickets yet....OOPS! They're all gone. There will be a poster for sale for the event, so you can still own a piece of greatness. (I've seen'll like it.) Next, we have the ROT RALLY. I heard Robbie Knievel is going to jump multiple somethings in front of the Capital downtown. Robbie isn't near as cool as his dad, but I watched his reality show and he jumps stuff for a living so he's way cooler than any of us based on that fact alone. knievel MARK TODD is in the house this weekend (literally for me). He and his wife Esther Pearl Watson are going to be hanging out at Domy for their solo shows. esthershow Esther will be at Domy Austin Friday night. markohman Mark will be at the Houston Domy. I'll be at both events with Mark's Badasses print set and the Badass Cinema shirts he did for us. Come and hang out. -Justin