New Posters: Rocky Horror, Goonies, Night of the Creeps!

Hey Nerds! Come and get it! It's like a poster buffet over here today. Hope you have a big appetite. First up we have the Glow in the Dark NIGHT OF THE CREEPS poster by Jon Smith. This bad boy is hand numbered, 24x36 and printed at D and L screenprinters out of Seattle, WA. notc430x500 Next up we have round two in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW poster set. Ken Taylor returns to blow holes in your wall with the tag team of Columbia and Frank-N-Furter. As with the first set, the cut set measures 12x36 and the uncut set measures 24x36. This print is four color, hand numbered and was printed at D and L screenprinters. rockyhorror2430x500cut Last, we have this crazy THE GOONIES poster by Drew Millward. This measures in at 18x24, hand numbered and is printed at D and L. Really, how nuts is the Gold parchment variant?! There are only 30 of the variant, so move now. As of now, we've already sold around 10. Don't miss out! goonies430x500 goonies2430x500