New Mondo Shirts For Sale Now! Zombies! Spawns!

About two months ago, we worked with 2009 Fantastic Fest artist Jon Vermilyea to make a shirt for one of the best horror movies ever made, THE DEADLY SPAWN. Said shirt was a big success and sold out. Lately, we've been getting several emails asking, "When will you be doing more shirts with Jon?" To answer that question, I say soon. Jon has probably two or three more shirts coming up in the near future not counting the 2009 Fantastic Fest shirt and poster. To hold you over until then, we've decided to release this shirt in two more colorways...BLACK and SLIME. deadlyspawnblkfullshirt deadlyspawnlimefullshirt We're also super excited about our brand new Badass Cinema shirt. ZOMBIES! Not just ZOMBIES, but PUNK ZOMBIES! Zombies are wild to begin with, but add a punk rock soundtrack to the mayhem and forget about it! badasszombiefullshirt zombiecloseup These are available online or in-store now! -Justin