New Posters Up For Sale By Aaron Horkey and Jay Ryan!

We have got three classics up for sale today! The first is by Aaron Horkey: deadmanfinal DEAD MAN by Aaron Horkey $110 Aaron Horkey's take on Dead Man is a 7" x 16.5" giclee with letterpress filigree.  This print was produced in the style of a period advertisement piece for the film and a nod to Mr. Blake's own publishing efforts.  It was printed on 505gsm Somerset Velvet 100% cotton acid-free paper by the fine folks at Graham Editions and Bieler Press.  Signed and numbered by Horkey himself in an edition of 58. gpsixteencandles SIXTEEN CANDLES by Jay Ryan $30 Who cares about a star on the Walk of Fame...John Hughes should have his name etched in the moon for creating the character of Long Duk Dong. Brilliant! Anthony Michael Hall was also at his coolest in this Hughes masterpiece! gpbreakfastclub THE BREAKFAST CLUB by Jay Ryan $30 John Hughes made movies that truly connected with a generation and The Breakfast Club was undoubtedly one of his best. This movie deals with three things that we all have in common. We all went to high school, all most likely did a stint in detention and we all probably wanted to date one of the cast members of this movie at one point. I'm looking at you Ally Sheedy.