Want To Write For Mondo? Get Free Stuff!

blogger-license As Mondo is starting more and more projects, I'm getting less and less time to write on the World of Mondo blog, so I'm putting forth a call to arms. If you have a love for comics, movies, Frank Frazetta, posters, music, parties, fun and all things good in the world, shoot me an email at Justin@MondoTees.com. I'm wanting a few good dudes and dudettes to write regularly on the blog. That reminds me, one important thing... YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO WRITE. If you don't know the difference between their, there and they're, there is no need to apply. This is a non-paying job in the traditional sense, but expect lots of cool stuff in return for your services. Spread this around! I want to get this blog to be a well oiled machine! -Justin