VHS Covers I Love: Full Moon High (1981)

FULL MOON HIGH (1981), a little-seen jock-turned-werewolf flick, starred Adam Arkin (most recently seen as the divorce lawyer in A SERIOUS MAN), and featured Ed McMahon (as his film dad), Alan Arkin (his real-life dad), and Roz Kelly (who I know better as Pinky Tuscadero).

The film pre-dated the better-known werewolf-as-high-school-athlete movie TEEN WOLF by a good 4 years. And, it was directed by a personal hero of mine, Larry Cohen, just after It Lives Again (1978), and just before Q: The Winged Serpent (1982). Here's a clip.

Sadly, although this movie is widely available on VHS, it was never released on DVD.