VHS Covers I Love: Pinball Summer (1980) [Swedish Edition]

[caption id="attachment_1442" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Screw You, Exploding 1-Up Lady!"]Pinball Summer VHS Boxart[/caption] This is the Swedish VHS boxart for PINBALL SUMMER, aka PICK-UP SUMMER, aka FLIPPER GIRLS. Or, as the Swedes like to call it, GÄNGETS HÅRDA SOMMAR, which as near as I can tell means "Hard Gang Summer." As you might gather from the artwork, PINBALL SUMMER is an ultra-specific pinball-based teen sex comedy. When I reviewed the film three years ago, I had this to say: What makes Pinball Summer different than other teen sex comedies is that even the clichéd teen sex comedy scenes all have at least a tangential connection to the world of pinball. You'd think it'd be hard to come up with 100 minutes of pinball-related activities, but director Mihalka somehow manages to do it. It's pretty amazing actually. There's pinball challenges to determine who pays for dinner, make-out sessions in a pinball factory, strip-pinball parties, alpha-male demonstrations of pinball prowess... there's even pinball-related double entendres like "I wanna tilt you on the machine!" Yeah, it's a pretty enjoyable film. We're all about the learning here at Mondo, so here's your Swedish lesson for the day. According to Google Translate, the phrase "FULL RULLE! BRUDAR * BILAR * BÅGAR * FLIPPER" means "FULL REEL! BABES * CARS * ROLL * PINBALL" in English. Click here for a shot of the back of the box, which contains bonus excellent-sounding Swedish words like knutte-gänget (biker-gang), sammandrabbningar (clashes), flipperturner (pinball tournament), and flipperdrottningen (pinball queen). Micah :: Reel Distraction