BADASS CINEMA Is Going Down Tonight! Gremlins! Alien! Tong! Skinner! Diaz!

MONDOEVITE UPDATE: Because of the HIGH DEMAND for the show tonight, we are going to allow people to start lining up in front of Gallery 1988 at 5pm. It's all happening tonight. Weeks of planning have culminated in tonight's show at Gallery 1988 in LA. We have a TON of stuff debuting at the show along with some rare archival prints. Here we go! Gremlins After weeks of teasing, here it is! This is the first time we've used Australian Rhys Cooper and you better believe it won't be the last. We've released a lot of great prints this year, but I'm going to say this has got to be my favorite. I'm a GREMLINS freak! Poster by Rhys Cooper. 24x36 Printed with metallic and glow in the dark inks. The "rules" to owning a mogwai are printed in glow ink and appear in the dark. Limited to only 100. Print This was Ken's first version he came up with for his ALIEN poster, but ended up submitting the equally awesome "Egg" image. We thought this version was too nuts not to print! Poster by Ken Taylor. 24x36 Limited to only 80 and even less for sale. uncut I'm super excited about this. We sent Skinner 40 one color Medusa prints on heavy watercolor paper. A few days later, he sent me this image: skinner1jupg Ummmm....yeah. INSANE! He used spraypaint, watercolors, the works. Then, he sent me this image: skinner prints Three different colorways of the prints and they're all named! Come to the show and ask Skinner about them and BUY SOME. I'm definitely buying one of each colorway, so there are three gone right there. These will go fast. Poster by Skinner. 11x14 one color screen print hand colored w/ watercolors and spraypaint. RITZ PRINT A few weeks ago, I went to the Ritz to take reference photos for this print. Yes...this is an art print Kevin Tong put together of various people and movie characters watching a movie in the Alamo Drafthouse. You're all I really have to tell you what they're watching? Kevin will also have these available with a blank screen where he will hand draw a movie scene in. 76_allofthem Harry Diaz also whipped up five new designs for the event that he will be hand silk screening on t-shirts live in the store. He'll also be hand screening prints of all of these right before your eyes! Can you name them all? This show is going to be huge and I connect recommend highly enough to get there at 7pm when stuff goes on sale because if you're not, you're probably going to miss out! We've had an INSANE amount of emails asking about the new posters, so I'm only assuming, but they're probably going to sell out. Christmas is right around the corner, so consider this your one stop shop for the holiday's. Black Friday is lame. Tomorrow is officially BADASS CINEMA FRIDAY! -Justin