The Monster Squad Goes Down Tomorrow!

UPDATE: About a minute after this post went live, the 9:50pm screening SOLD OUT. Tomorrow at the Ritz on 6th St., THE MONSTER SQUAD will be screening with cast members in attendance. Who you ask? How about: Fred-Dekker-Creeps Director of THE MONSTER SQUAD, Fred Dekker ShaneBlack Writer, Shane Black gower The leader of the Monster Squad, Andre Gower ms0ivl The Wolfman, Jon Gries ms rudy "Toughest Kid in the 8th Grade" Rudy, Ryan Lambert Not only will all of these dudes be there, but we will have the classic STEPHEN KING RULES shirts for sale and a brand new THE MONSTER SQUAD poster for sale. You definitely want to attend this. If you don't have tickets yet, get on it! The 9:50pm show still has slots open so click HERE and get to purchasing! See you all tomorrow! -Justin