A Mega Fan's 100 Poster Milestone

Last Sunday, I got an email from super fan Chad Breshears who informed me that he had hit a milestone in his poster collection. With the purchase of the IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS poster, he had purchased 100 posters from us since our humble beginnings so many years ago. Chad has also assembled a website of his collection and dedicated a page for his Alamo collection. Take a look at it HERE. It's really interesting to look at how the poster series has evolved over the years. Take METROPOLIS for example: Metropolis 1998 METROPOLIS 1998 Metropolis - Gold Variant METROPOLIS- GOLD VARIANT 2009 I want to make this a recurring thing on the blog, so if you have framed any of our posters in your house, apartment, office, screening room, or wherever, send an email to Justin (at) MondoTees.com. I really loving seeing what people have done with them and I will feature them on the blog. Thanks so much for the support over the years, everyone! -Justin