We've Been Framed: Night Of The Creeps

This new feature got such a great response, I'm going to make it a little bit more frequent than once a week. If you're wondering what We've Been Framed is, it's simple. It is a new feature where we will showcase Mondo posters framed in fan's homes, offices, screening rooms, etc. A lot of times, people just see the poster images on our site, so this is an attempt to show them in "the wild." Today's poster is the now sold out NIGHT OF THE CREEPS from Dalyn. If you look closely, you can see where some of the cast signed this poster including Tom "Thrill Me" Atkins. Looks good, Dalyn! nightofthecreepsframed If you'd like to see your framed poster on the blog, shoot me pics at Justin (at) MondoTees.com. -Justin