Mondo 2010 6 Month Poster Recap

I thought it'd be cool, since we're now half way through the year, to look back at the posters we've offered up thus far. Let us know what your favorites have been in the comments. It's been a great six months for us and we assure you that the next six will be even better. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Martin Ansin The Monster Squad by Tyler Stout The Holy Mountain by Florian Bertmer Tommy by Jesse Philips Dark Side of the Rainbow by Jon Smith House of the Devil by The Silent Giants Frozen by Kevin Tong The Wolfman by Daniel Danger The Wolf Man by Martin Ansin T2: Judgment Day by Ken Taylor TMNT by Rhys Cooper Children of the Hydra by Arik Roper The Lost World by Dan McCarthy Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans by Alan Hynes Plan 9 From Outer Space by Todd Slater Night of the Living Dead by Florian Bertmer Iron Man 2 by Tyler Stout Iron Man 2 by Mike Saputo The Human Centipede by The Silent Giants The Evil Dead by Olly Moss The Evil Dead by Florian Bertmer Survival of the Dead by Charlie Adlard The Warriors by Ken Taylor The Warriors by Tomer Hanuka -Justin