Japanese Candy Now On Sale In Store!

I love the candy, it's true, but sometimes I have a taste for something more exotic...something different. So, where better to look for something different than in Japan?! Mondo is now going to be stocking exotic treats and candy in store at our Alamo S. Lamar location. Our good friend Ricky Velocitron in Japan sent us a giant box of Kit Kats, Aero and Crunch bars and they're on sale right now in store. Here is a look at what flavors we have in stock. BITTER ALMOND, RASPBERRY AND PASSION FRUIT (one of my faves), DARK CHOCOLATE and MILK COFFEE ALOE YOGHURT KINAKO which kind of tastes like peanut butter. VERY good. STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE FLAN WASABI!!! Not only do we have awesome Kit Kat flavors, we also have Strawberry Crunch bars. Like I said, this is all on sale now. Come in and try some. Oh, by the way, not pictured or mentioned yet is the FRUIT PUNCH flavored Kit Kat. Prepare to have your mind blown. -Justin