Mondo Presents: STAR WARS! Father: Encounter On Dagobah On Sale Now!

Father: Encounter On Dagobah marks the third poster in our officially licensed STAR WARS series. Poster by Tomer Hanuka. 17"x25" screen print. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 350. Click HERE to buy. This marks the second time we've worked with Tomer Hanuka on a screen printed poster and we couldn't be happier. Tomer had a few words about his submission to the series: “The central idea going into this image was depicting planet Dagobah itself as a portrait of Luke’s subconscious in it’s most interesting and unformed phase. In a nightmarish sequence, Luke runs into the mist where he thinks he saw Vader. Luke finds him and a lightsaber duel ends with Vader’s decapitation . The mask cracks open on the severed head, exposing the frozen face of a dead Luke Skywalker. The suggestion here is that somewhere within Luke’s psyche there is a potential for ultimate evil. Luke’s greatest challenge isn’t the Galactic Empire and it’s endless, faceless troopers, but the magnetism of the dark side; the seductive idea of choosing his own potential for power over everything else. -Justin