Tyler Stout's RESERVOIR DOGS Detail Shots

Tomorrow, we are releasing Tyler Stout's RESERVOIR DOGS. As with most of Tyler's posters, the detail that goes into his illustrations are unreal and we thought we'd put up a blog post to showcase that. We're very proud of these and hope you guys enjoy them as well!

RESERVOIR DOGS by Tyler Stout 36″ x 24″ Edition of 700 $60

RESERVOIR DOGS - Bloody Variant by Tyler Stout 36″ x 24″ Edition of 280 $110

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

PS- As we did with Tyler's AVENGERS posters, you are allowed to purchase either the regular or the variant poster, but not both. 

These posters will be available tomorrow, November 15, at a random time right HERE. Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.