February 2017 Flat File Sale

We're hosting our first Flat File Sale of 2017 this Saturday, February 18th, at the Mondo Gallery! Stop by from 12PM - 6PM to see what we've pulled from the shadowy depths of our archive this time around. For those who haven't attended one of these events in the past, here's a quick rundown.

A few times a year, we open up our Flat File filled with previously sold-out posters. What do we have stashed in there? You'll have to stop by to find out. You can only purchase one poster at a time, but are welcome to go back through the line as many times as you want to purchase more prints. We'll also have some previously sold-out vinyl titles available.

All posters & vinyl are sold at original cost. Please note that some prints may not be in mint condition, so be sure to examine them before you make a purchase. All sales are final.

We'll be assisting with gallery pick-ups tomorrow as well, so if you have any outstanding orders to pick up - now's your chance!

The Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX. See you Saturday!