THE JUNGLE BOOK by Daniel Danger Timed-Edition Release

In celebration of Jon Favreau's amazing Jungle Book release on home video this week, we partnered with Daniel Danger and our friends at Cyclops Print Works on a truly stunning new poster featuring our young man cub, Mowgli, as he stands face to face with the hypnotic Kaa deep in the lush and gorgeous jungle. 

The poster will be available as a timed edition starting at 9AM CST on Tuesday, August 30th and will be available through 12PM CST on Friday, September 2nd. A limited edition "Hypnovariant" edition will be available on Tuesday, August 30th at 9AM CST at

The Jungle Book by Daniel Danger
Mondo x 
Cyclops Print Works Collaboration Print #01
24"x36" Screen Print, Hand numbered
Available Tuesday (8/30) at 9AM CST through Friday (9/2) at 12PM CST
Printed by D&L Screenprinting
Expected to ship in 8-12 weeks

The Jungle Book (Hypnovariant) by Daniel Danger
Mondo x Cyclops Print Works Collaboration Print #01V
24"x36" Screen Print, Edition of 225
Available Tuesday (8/30) at 9AM CST at
Printed by D&L Screenprinting
Expected to ship in 8-12 weeks

"I simply enjoy drawing trees. They're like weird slow-motion explosions that go on for decades, and attempting to draw a jungle was a huge challenge for me as most of the natural rules of growth go out the window when it comes to how a jungle looks. I was inspired to pitch this print after seeing Jon Favreau's fantastic 'Jungle Book' earlier this year, which for me was just a milestone in the world of environmental design and VFX, as I truly enjoyed being lost in the jungle for a few hours. However, I wanted to make something more universal that could represent many tellings of this story; Mowgli engulfed by the jungle, high in the trees, far from home." - Daniel Danger

Check out Daniel's awesome, informative video discussing the art and separations process, breaking the poster down color by color: