JAWS - Brody Quote T-Shirt
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JAWS - Brody Quote T-Shirt

Screen printed on a NextLevel 60/40 blend black t-shirt. Super-soft CVC "crew" model that is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Officially licensed and designed by Mondo for Alamo Drafthouse, represent your favorite shark-slayer with this iconic quote shirt available exclusively here.

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20 footer? 25? It doesn't matter if you make like Chief Brody and enjoy the safety of dry land in this JAWS shirt from our #1 Police Chief.

Fresh from Chrissy Watkins' washed up remains, Brody takes to the beach for a little RNR, as does Harry Wiseman who takes a dip in his shark-like swim cap. "That's some bad hat, Harry" scolds an uptight Brody. If only he were watching out for that poor little Kitner kid instead.