The Shark

The Shark

Hand numbered screen print. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 

One poster per person/household/etc. All sales are final.

Expected to ship in 7-10 business days. Ships worldwide.

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Edition Size: 280
Height: 36"
Width: 24"

The one sheet for JAWS, originally painted by the great Roger Kastel, the artwork is immediately arresting and visceral. A huge great white lunging toward the surface at an unknowing swimmer, giant maw ready to strike. Back in September 2016, we began the process of bringing the iconic artwork to life as a silkscreen poster. Working closely under Roger Kastel's supervision and approval, we enlisted the talents of several key artists and designers including Jason Edmiston on separations, Chris Billheimer on layout, and Bruce Yan on typography. Additionally, a huge shout out to Daniel Danger for helping to get the posters signed by Mr. Kastel. To learn a little more about the project and see an incredible time lapse of Jason's re-creation of the art, check out the article here.

In addition to the film poster, we will also have an art print version of the poster, THE SHARK, featuring Roger's original artwork for the paperback novel, later adapted for the film.