Legion: Visit Summerland (Day)

Legion: Visit Summerland (Day)

Hand numbered screen print. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 

One poster per person/household/etc. All sales are final.

Expected to ship May of 2018.

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Edition of: 200
Height: 36"
Width: 24"

In celebration of the first season’s release on Blu-ray/DVD, we’ve teamed up with FX and Phantom City Creative to create a great travel poster inviting you to visit Summerland, the headquarters and mutant training facility for David and his allies.

LEGION was one of our absolute favorite shows of 2017. Filled with unforgettable visuals and fantastic storytelling, Noah Hawley’s wild vision and take on David Haller and the iconic wider X-Men universe was unlike anything the genre has ever seen.