The Shining: Danny T-Shirt
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The Shining: Danny T-Shirt

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Printed on a white Next Level 100% cotton unisex shirt with a printed interior label.

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An alcoholic, out-of-work teacher takes a job as the wintertime caretaker of a snowy resort. He brings his wife and young son with him. He wants to get some writing done. Things take a very dark turn.

THE SHINING is Kubrick’s deft symphony of deft manipulation: Wendy Carlos’s score alternating with Ligeti compositions, Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall’s push-and-pull performances, and the omniscient Steadicam taking the whole thing in. THE SHINING transcends any trappings of paperback adaptation or genre exercise to become one of the most elementally terrifying works of art of the twentieth century. .