Green Goblin Mondoid Vinyl Figure
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Green Goblin Mondoid Vinyl Figure

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They've come from the planet MONDOIDA to make friends and eat snacks. Too bad their true form is too GROSS to look at! That's why they've taken the forms of humankind's favorite pop culture icons. They just don't, uh, always get it right. They're MONDOIDS!

This one takes the form of GREEN GOBLIN, from MARVEL COMICS! He comes to you on his SLED, looking to pelt you with pumpkin bombs. Talk being seedy!

Mondoids are vinyl/pvc figures that feature interchangeable heads that you can mix and match with MOST other Mondoids!

Expected to ship in January of 2020.

Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Hector Arce, Mike Pflaumer
Height: Approx. 3"
Material: Vinyl, PVC
Weight: Approx. 1lbs.