Rocketeer & Betty Statue (Mondo Exclusive)
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Rocketeer & Betty Statue (Mondo Exclusive)

Soaring from the pages of Dave Stevens' classic comic, The Rocketeer launches into action with his girl Betty by his side! This statue features both characters in comic-faithful outfits and gear with a semi-translucent rocket exhaust base supporting them in the air.

Join these two on a high-flyin' adventure and get yours today!

Mondo Exclusive: This version comes with an interchangeable "Surprised Betty" head!

Ask any random person, and if they’ve heard of The Rocketeer, more likely than not they’ll refer to the 1991 Disney film. For us around here, however - as much as we enjoy the film - we love the late (yet still amazing to this day) Dave Stevens’ original comic the movie was based on even more. The high-flying adventures of Cliff Secord aka The Rocketeer, fighting gangsters and enemy agents, all while trying to balance his relationship with his gal, Betty, are the stuff of pure pulp joy.


Ships in 7-10 business days.

Artists: Trevor Grove, Mara Ancheta, Simon Garcia, Eric Siebenaler, Paul Roman Martinez
Material: Polystone
Size: Approx. 13.5" in Height
Weight: TBD
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