Birth.Movies.Death. ALIEN Issue
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Birth.Movies.Death. ALIEN Issue

In honor of ALIEN: COVENANT, BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. is offering a hyper-limited, full-color, 88-page magazine celebrating one of cinema's best-loved franchises!

We're diving into the Ridley Scott Alienverse with a wealth of brilliant editorial about the space surrounding our favorite xenomorph. From ALIEN to COVENANT, Ripley to Ridley, Giger to Fassbender, the Chestburster to the Engineers, we're uncovering every corner of the universe, including plenty of Mondo art and an exclusive cover from artist N.C. Winters.

This is a pre-sale. Magazines ship mid-May.

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This issue also includes:

* An interview with ALIEN: COVENANT screenwriter John Logan

* An examination of the psychosexual nature of the ALIEN universe

* In-depth introductions to ALIEN and COVENANT director Ridley Scott, ALIEN screenwriter Dan O'Bannon and artist H.R. Giger

* Tributes to the incredible creature design of the ALIEN franchise, including the xenomorph, chestburster, facehugger and Engineers

* An exclusive look at the making of ALIEN: COVENANT

* Tons of one-of-a-kind art, including Mondo works-in-progress for some of their most popular ALIEN prints

* and lots more!