Adventure Time: Come Along With Me - Original Soundtrack LP
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Adventure Time: Come Along With Me - Original Soundtrack LP

Come on and grab your friends...

Mondo and Cartoon Network are proud to present the soundtrack to the finale episode of one of the most influential and popular animated series of the last 10 years: Adventure Time

Join Finn and Jake as they take a bow in the Land of Ooo for the series finale “Come Along With Me,” in which Princess Bubblegum gathers her allies, Finn searches for a way to prevent the coming Great Gum War, and the fate of Ooo is revealed to two adventurers in the distant future.

Featuring original music by show composer Tim Kiefer, an all new song by Rebecca Sugar and the full length version of Island Song (Come Along With me) by Ashley Eriksson. Housed in a gatefold jacket, with an 8-page booklet and pressed on 180 Gram Finn and Jake (Blue and Yellow) split colored vinyl.

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Side A

01. Main Title (feat. Willow Smith)  
02. You and Your Brain  
03. Climb Time  
04. Memory Strings  
05. A Bad Omen  
06. War Chant
07. Mind Matters  
08. Imagination A Dream  
09. Gum Shoes
10. In Our Minds
11. Kingdom Gum
12. Nightmare Hangover

Side B

13. March on the Monster
14. Nothing Was Real
15. Drooly Dread
16. Bubbling
17. Last Defense
18. Out of Home
19. Time Adventure
20. Sun Cycles
21. Clouds
22. Island Song
23. Waving To You


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