Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Mondo, in conjunction with Rusted Wave Records are proud to present the original soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Originally released by A&M Records in 1989, the soundtrack to BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE is an incredible, anthemic eighties rock and metal mix-tape - featuring songs by Bricklin, Extreme, Tora Tora and Power Tool. Special packing includes holographic jacket printed on 18-point silver board, Circuits of Time directory inner sleeve and insert, all featuring artwork by Matty Ryan Tobin. Jump in the phone booth and travel through time on a musical adventure with 10 of the most triumphant hard rock 80’s glam tracks in history!

The new Mondo webstore exclusives version are pressed on either 180 Gram Blue and Orange Swirl, or 180 Gram Black, White and Red swirl, and featuring an OBI strip. 

Previously released 180 Gram Orange Vinyl, Limited to 1000 copies, is sold out. 

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Artwork By: Matt Ryan Tobin
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Side A

01. Play With Me - Performed by Extreme
02. The Boys And Girls Are Doing It - Performed by Vital Signs
03. Not So Far Away - Performed by Glen Burtnick
04. Dancing With A Gypsy - Performed by Tora Tora
05. Father Time - Performed by Shark Island

Side B

06. I Can't Break Away - Performed by Big Pig
07. Dangerous - Performed by Shark Island
08. Walk Away - Performed by Bricklin
09. In Time - Performed by Robbie Robb
10. Two Heads Are Better Than One - Performed by Power Tool


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