Itasca Road Trip by Boreal Network

Itasca Road Trip by Boreal Network

Distributed titles: Curated releases, and Exclusive color-ways from other great soundtrack labels from around the world. 

Eighteen hazy snapshots – the faded aural polaroids of a journey – from the optimistic outset (‘Itasca Road Trip’) via strange diversions along the way (‘Campstop Arcade’); through dramatic weather (‘This Is A Tornado Warning’) to ominous abandoned sites (‘Reynolds Park Watertower’).

‘A Bandcamp favorite comes to vinyl – foggy, feverish electronic soundscapes, this is a trip worth taking’ – FACT

‘a real oddball BoC vibe going on here with short vignettes of simple beats, melodies and vocal samples steeped in a technicolor fuzz – an excellent release’ – IGLOO

Originally released as a cassette on Illuminated Paths, ITASCA ROAD TRIP has been edited, re-shaped and re-mastered by Boreal Network (Seattle’s Nicole Johnson) for this exclusive vinyl release.