worriedaboutsatan - Revenant (Black and Silver) LP
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worriedaboutsatan - Revenant (Black and Silver) LP

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After a busy 2018, which saw worriedaboutsatan release a steady stream of new material, the Yorkshire based duo start the new year with the release their fourth full length album, ‘Revenant’.

Featuring 6 tracks, the record marks a slight departure from their previous album, the critically acclaimed ‘Blank Tape’, by venturing into more synthesiser heavy pieces, based around dark, brooding atmospheres and switching from the bouncing arpeggios and slow, hypnotic rhythms of 10 minute album opener ‘Skylon’, to the jittering, cinematic rush of ‘Making Your Masks’.

Due to noise issues on the silver and black variant Burning Witches are also including a solid red version of the LP free of charge with each order!
Ships in 7-10 business days.