MondoCon Panels & Screenings

We just announced our panels & screening line-up for MondoCon 2016, which you can check out here! Tickets for evening screenings and RSVP spots for free daytime panels will become available here at 12pm CST this Friday, September (9/23).

Here are some important things to know for securing a spot:

Tickets for evening screenings & events (The Fountain, A Clockwork Orange, Le Matos - Live!) include a poster and/or vinyl, and are limited to the number of seats in the theater. When the screening sells out, that’s it!

For free daytime panels, 75% of the seats will be held for RSVPs, which will guarantee you a seat in the theater. If you are unable to secure an RSVP spot online next Friday, don’t worry! There will be a line outside the theater for the remaining 25% of seats, plus any no-show RSVP spots.

Tickets to panels and screenings are non-transferrable. A MondoCon wristband and ticket are both required for entry. Identification will be required to match the name on the ticket. Follow us on Twitter for the sale/RSVP announcement.


Q: What time will tickets go on sale and RSVPs open? 
A: Friday, September 23rd at 12:00pm CST

Q: Where can I purchase screening tickets or secure a spot in the panels?  
A: All tickets can be secured through the MondoCon website [here].

Q: How many tickets/RSVPs can an individual purchase or reserve?
A: Four per person, per screening, panel, or event.  

Q: What if I am unable to RSVP to a panel?
A: Panel/free screening RSVPs only account for 75% of the seats in the theater. A standby line will form before panels/free screenings to fill all unreserved seats, or any no-show reserved seats.

Q: What if I am unable to purchase a screening ticket?
A: There will be no standby line for evening screenings. Once the theater sells out, unfortunately there will not be any additional seats available. 

Q: What time do individuals who RSVP'd need to arrive to a panel?
A: Individuals who RSVP'd should arrive 10 minutes before the panel's listed start time. As soon as the panel starts, the standby line will be granted entry and any remaining RSVPs will be considered void. 

Q: Is a pass to MondoCon required to attend panels or screenings? 
A: Yes. A two-day pass, or a single-day pass for the same day as the panel or screening, are required for entry.

Q: Are screening tickets transferable or refundable?
A: No. Screening tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Identification will be checked at the door and must match with the name on the ticket or RSVP. 

Q: If I miss the screening or have to leave early, can I still collect the exclusive poster or vinyl?

A: No. You must attend the screening and be present when the screening ends to collect the event exclusive poster or vinyl.