Payment Plan Option

We’re incredibly excited to now offer a payment plan option for toys/collectibles priced at over $100. We've incorporated the user-friendly payment app onto our site, which allows you to fully customize your payment experience. 

Choosing A Payment Option

If you wish to purchase a collectible as a single payment, you can do so by clicking the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. This will allow you to purchase the item immediately through the Mondo site, just like all other product categories.

If you wish to utilize our payment plan option, you can opt in by clicking either “Domestic Payment Plan” for orders placed within the United States, or “International Payment Plan” for orders placed outside of the United States. By choosing either of these payment plans, you will be automatically re-directed the website and prompted to log in or sign up.

Sign Up / Log In

The first time you use our payment plan option, you will need to create an account with For you financial security, all of your payment information will be stored within the app. Though you will be able to see basic order information through your main Mondo account, you will need to log in to separately to view payment plan progress and history.

Flexible Payment Options

When you’re re-directed to from the product page, you will be shown a default payment plan. Once you log in, you will have the ability to adjust the duration and frequency of payments as you see fit. All payment plans will have a down payment / deposit of 30% of the total cost, but the remaining payment is customizable. 


Shipping costs will be a flat rate for all domestic orders, and flat rate for all international orders. Shipping is calculated through, so the shipping cost will not be visible on your Mondo account or Mondo order confirmation email. You will only see the shipping cost in your account and confirmation email.

We do our best to estimate the production time and ship date on our collectibles releases. Ideally your last payment will process just before the product ships out, but that may not always be the case. If production times are taking longer than expected, we will be sure give you an updated shipping estimate!