Baby Groot
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Baby Groot

Giclee print. Printed by Static Medium. Signed by Mike Mitchell.

Available as a timed-edition for 72-hours from Tuesday (8/22) at 12PM CST through Friday (8/25) at 12PM CST.

Purchase the full Guardians portrait set (Baby Groot, Groot & Rocket) here.

Expected to ship in 10 - 12 weeks.

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Height: 7"
Width: 5"

James Gunn's fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits blu-ray and home video today and to celebrate the occasion, available right now are a trio of stunning new Guardians of the Galaxy portraits by Mike Mitchell! Mike's work on these portraits is nothing short of incredible, and we couldn't be more proud of the final results. Baby Groot, Groot and Rocket are available right now as a timed edition for 72 hours through Friday, August 25th at 12PM CST.