Castle in the Sky - Original Soundtrack LP

Castle in the Sky - Original Soundtrack LP

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Studio Ghibli have reissued a few of their most essential soundtracks by composer Joe Hisaishi. Available on Vinyl in time for the first time in over 30 years.

This is a repress of the original soundtrack album, from the film CASTLE IN THE SKY (or LAPUTA, depending on where you are from). The soundtrack includes the  song ‘’Kimi o Nosete.’’ The jacket image is of the Tiger Moth, the airship of the Doras, the air pirates.

Side A
1. Girl who fell from the sky
2. Morning of Slag Valley
3. Funny fight (~ pursuit)
4. Memories of Gondoor
5. Passo of disappointment
6. Robot army (resurrection ~ rescue)
7. Picking up the choir (Chorus / Suginami Children’s Choir)

Side B
8. Theta’s determination
9. At the Tiger Moss issue
10. A sign of ruin
11. Moonlight sea of clouds
12. Castle in the Sky
13. Collapse of Laputa (Chorus / Suginami Children’s Choir)
14. Pointing you (singing / Annie Inoue)