Hand numbered screen print. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. 

One poster per person/household/etc. All sales are final.

Poster expected to ship January 2018.

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Edition of: 250
Height: 24"
Width: 18"

"I’ll never forget the first time I watched Halloween. I was terrified. Suddenly, Micheal Myers was in MY town! I thought he was outside the window or hiding in our garage. I worried that if I looked into a dark corner long enough, I might see that white mask staring back at me. The scene where he appears at Lynda’s bedroom door under the bed sheet has always stuck with me. What possessed Michael to to do that? Myers is a killer without remorse, but perhaps there is still a curious child that lives inside the boogyman? Although Halloween III: Season of the Witch continues on without Michael Myers, I love it all the same. I often think of it like a Twilight Zone episode that Carpenter (or in this case Tommy Lee Wallace) never directed. The three masks featured in the film - the skull, the jack-o-lantern and the witch have become iconic and I was inspired to present them as if they were grown in a pumpkin patch somewhere near the Silver Shamrock factory. I hope fans of these two classic horror films like these posters, I certainly had a terrifyingly good time creating them." - Gary Pullin