Iris by Adamennon & Luciano Lamanna

Iris by Adamennon & Luciano Lamanna

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A nightmare inspired by the vision of Dario Argento's “Suspiria”, or a dark soundtrack for a movie just imagined in a couple of visionary minds. “Iris” is the first release on, the same name of site created and managed by Marco Ferretti, a music journalist, ready to publish his first book about Ennio Morricone. Luciano Lamanna and Adamennon are two eclectic musicians who don't need any introduction, a couple of improvisation lovers as well as experimental artists..

They pay tribute to Italian genre movies where scores were an indispensable element to seduce the viewers. Goblin's music accentuated the swirling cinematic motion: the new notes of fear are still those of vintage keyboards and synthesizers which resound again among labyrinthine woods and gothic buildings. A journey without borders. An ideal soundtrack which spins suspense, psychotic and obsessive rhythms, loss of sleep, sensory disturbance. Articulated constructions emotionally thickened and fragmented in catchy, repetitive but, at the same time, brilliant patterns.

“Iris” takes you one step from the abyss.
I01. Orfeo Ed Euridice (01:03)
02. Arriva Il Buio (04:10)
03. Iris (04:55)
04. Ottobre (03:52)
05. Nuvola Nera (04:08)
06. Fuori Piove (06:02)



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