Marceline the Vampire Queen Statue
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Marceline the Vampire Queen Statue

Straight from the Land of Ooo comes Marceline Abadeer, the Vampire Queen! Floating in the air, playing her Axe Bass, and littering the floor with some of her favorite snacks, Marceline is content to just hang out and play sweet tunes. But oh my Glob! Her farther, Hunson Abadeer, is lurking around, and just might be up to no good. Watch your fries, Marceline!

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Artists: Matthew Black, Mara Ancheta, Andrea Coleman, Eric Siebenaler, Jason Wires
License: Adventure Time
Material: Polystone
Size: Approx. 9" in height
Weight: TBD
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The Marceline the Vampire Queen Statue is conjured in polystone, and includes a mini copy of the hit film Heat Signature, which you can place anywhere you dang want!