Naked Lunch - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
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Naked Lunch - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

In collaboration with Howe Records, we're excited to announce celebrating the 25th anniversary for the score to Naked Lunch. Composed by three-time Oscar-winner Howard Shore collaborating with both jazz legend Ornette Coleman and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Based on the novel by William S. Burroughs, Cronenberg takes the character of William Lee (Peter Weller) through his drug-fueled escapades through the fictional land of Interzone, while also blending it with a semi-autobiographic story about Burroughs himself.  
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Artwork By: Rich Kelly

Once referred to as an unfilmable novel, the film Naked Lunch is one of the great book-to-film adaptations, in no small part due to the wildly inventive score by Shore and Coleman. Their collaboration transportsyou seamlessly into Burroughs' world.

Naked Lunch is one of the great film scores” wrote Royal S. Brown. “The whole thing, which has been recorded with exceptional depth and warmth, gives a simultaneous impression of simplicity and complexity, of harmony and dissonance, of reality and half dream, rather like Burroughs’ own disturbing visions.”

Side A
01. Naked Lunch (2:29)
02A. Hauser and O'Brien / 02B. Bugpowder* (2:39)
03. Mugwumps (2:54)
04. Centipede (2:04)
05. The Black Meat (1:25)
06A. Simpatico / 06B. Misterioso+ (1:34)
07. Fadela's Coven (3:33)

Side B
08. Interzone Suite (5:13)
09. William Tell (Complete) (2:24)
10. Mujahaddin (1:56)
11. Intersong* (3:48)
12. Dr. Benway (3:14)

Side C
13. Clark Nova Dies (2:05)
14. Ballad/Joan* (2:40)
15A. Cloguet's Parrots / 15B. Midnight Sunrise** (1:45)
16. Nothing is True: Everything is Permitted (1:56)
17. Welcome to Annexia (3:35)
18. Writeman* (3:57)

Side D - Bonus Tracks
19. Hauser and O'Brien (Complete) (2:00)
20. Dual Typewriters (3:31)
21. Simpatico (Reprise) (1:48)
22. Martinelli (3:36)
23. Intersong (take 2)* (3:09)
24. Bugpowder (take 9)* (2:56)

*Composed by Ornette Coleman