Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: The Wicked Die Young

Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: The Wicked Die Young

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In 2016, Milan Records had the pleasure of releasing the soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, composed by Cliff Martinez. The synth-heavy electronic score went on to be one of the most critically-lauded soundtrack releases of the year, making numerous “Best of 2016” critic lists along the way. Refn now returns with his latest creation: The Wicked Die Young.

The Wicked Die Young is the latest release in Milan’s “Nicolas Winding Refn Presents” series -  a sublabel of releases curated by director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, The Neon Demon). Conceptualized as a companion album to The Neon Demon and curated by Refn, The Wicked Die Young compiles the music that he was listening to while writing and filming The Neon Demon. This album is a unique opportunity to enter the musical mind of one of the most visionary contemporary directors. This eclectic selection confirms his love of music from the disco of Giorgio Moroder and Tommy Seebach to the punk and rock of Suicide and 999! The album also features exclusive tracks by Cliff Martinez, Electric Youth and Julian Winding. Available on vinyl, The Wicked Die Young comes pressed on a pair of colored 180 gram vinyl discs housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket featuring liner notes by Nicolas Winding Refn.

“The fourteen tracks on this compilation represent the various ideas I had while preparing The Neon Demon and each song represents a specific emotion. Some of the tracks are from the past and some the present including new material by Cliff Martinez, Julian Winding, and Electric Youth. Since I wanted my film to be both a horror film and a melodrama with camp, glitter, and vulgarity, as well as a comedy and of course a little science fiction, all these various tracks made me able to step into a parallel world to tell the story.” – Nicolas Winding Refn




A1. Good Blood by Electric Youth*

A2. Won't Somebody Dance With Me by Lynsey De Paul

A3. Cheree by Suicide

A4. Homicide by 999

A5. Pirate Love by Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers

B1. Theme from Valley of the Dolls by Dionne Warwick

B2. Bubble Sex by Tommy Seebach

B3. Follow Me by Amanda Lear

C1. Knights In White Satin by Giorgio Moroder

C2. The No. 1 Song In Heaven by Sparks

C3. Becoming by Cliff Martinez*

D1. Dressed To Kill: The Shower by Pino Donaggio

D2. End Of A Myth by Claudio Gizzi

D3. When You Want To Hurt Someone by Julian Winding*