Il Mondo Dei Romani by Piero Umilani & I Suoi Oscillatori

Il Mondo Dei Romani by Piero Umilani & I Suoi Oscillatori

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Orange Vinyl – Remastered from Org . Tape – Limited to 1000 – Vinyl Only !

We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is thrilled to announce the vinyl re-release of sought-after experimental gem Il Mondo Dei Romani by soundtrack and avant-garde maestro Piero Umiliani, remastered straight from the original reels and available for the first time since 1972!

Originally recorded for a TV documentary about ancient Rome and released on Omnicron (Umiliani’s label), Il Mondo Dei Romani finds Piero Umiliani experimenting with electronic instruments (his “oscillators”) to offer a fascinating rendition of what synthesizer-based avant-garde ancient Roman music would sound like – a weird and extremely hypnotizing retro-futuristic experience where faux cithara, lyre, organ, and trumpet sounds are driven by proto-techno sequences and minimalist rhythms.

This brilliant electronic oddity is the perfect companion to WRWTFWW’s previous Piero Umiliani release, Tra scienza e fantascienza, and is a limited edition of 500 orange vinyl LPs (no digital).