Portal - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Portal - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

 Mondo, in conjunction with Valve software, is proud to present the premiere vinyl release to the soundtrack the legendary puzzle adventure, PORTAL.

Limited Edition, and housed in a deluxe, debossed, 'Magic Wallet' style jacket designed by design wizard Alan Hynes (Fight Club, Anomalisa)

Expected to ship in 7-10 business days. 

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Design and Layout: Alan Hynes

Side A
01. Subject Name Here
02. Taste of Blood
03. Android Hell
04. Self Esteem Fund
05. Procedural Jiggle Bone
06. No Cake For You

Side B
07. 4000 Degrees Kelvin
08. Stop What You Are Doing
09. Party Escort
10. You're Not A Good Person
11. You Can't Escape You Know
12. Still Alive
13. Still Alive (J.C. Mix)


Ships in 7-10 business days.