Prometheus Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
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Prometheus Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Mondo is pleased to present the premiere vinyl soundtrack release to Ridley Scott's 2012 film Prometheus. Picking up the reigns of the franchise he created, Prometheus tells a genesis tale, setting the stage for events to come in the Alien franchise - exploring the origins of the Space Jockey, and the Xenomorph - while simultaneously telling a fractured tale of the perils of meeting ones creator.

Composed by Scott's long time collaborator Marc Streitenfeld, the music of Prometheus is as haunting as it is meditative and triumphant: a fresh approach to scoring a familiar universe - keeping with the trend of bringing a new sound to each successive Alien film, this one sounding like it was written to be heard blasting from the speakers of an IMAX theater. Streitenfeld takes advantage of the locales, writing music for lush landscapes and barren caves, occasionally writing compositions backwards, reversing them in post to produce a sense of uneasiness inherent with exploring the unfamiliar. Prometheus is a unique listening experience that fits perfectly side-by-side with the other films uno the saga

This limited edition 2XLP set is pressed on heavy weight vinyl, cut at 45RPM and features exclusive liner notes by composer Marc Streitenfeld. 

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Artwork By: Kilian Eng

01. A Planet (2:38)
02. Going In (2:04)
03. Engineers (2:29)
04. Life (2:31)
05. Weyland (2:04)
06. Discovery (2:33)
07. Not Human (1:50)
08. Too Close (3:21)
09. Try Harder (2:04)
10. David (3:01)
11. Hammerpede (2:43)
12. We Were Right (2:42)*
13. Earth (2:35)
14. Infected (1:56)
15. Hyper Sleep (2:01)
16. Small Beginnings (2:11)
17. Hello Mommy (2:04)
18. Friend From The Past (1:15)**
19. Dazed (4:29)
20. Space Jockey (1:30)
21. Collision (3:05)
22. Debris (0:44)
23. Planting The Seed (1:35)
24. Invitation (2:16)
25. Birth (1:25)

* composed by Harry Greyson-Williams
**Contains the "Theme From Alien" composed by Jerry Goldsmith