Rewind This! - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
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Rewind This! - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Rewind This! is a must see documentary about the home video boom of the 1980’s and the tape collectors obsessing, preserving and cataloguing the format today. Josh Freda’s incredible synth score perfectly captures all aspects of 80’s videotape culture, an album full of music recalling cheesy action synth riffs, moody horror stings and neon drenched nighttime radios. This isn’t some hollow retro futuristic re-tread of the 80’s though as Freda manages to inject so much personality and playfulness into his music that even through the barrage of synths in play it sounds ultra contemporary and very human indeed. Also includes the lo-fi punk gem 'Head Cleaner' by Joey Division as a bonus track.

One off pressing on 180g clear vinyl with black smoke and white colour in colour effect housed inside a 425gsm sleeve & including a download card Of the full LP. Also available on Bandcamp, iTunes , Spotify and all good streaming platforms. Listen here 

Ships in 7-10 business days.

Artwork By: Hollis Brown Thornton