The Blob - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Blob - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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One Way Static Records proudly presents, for the FIRST TIME on vinyl: MICHAEL HOENIG’S 1988 soundtrack for THE BLOB.

Over the course of multiple decades, Emmy award nominee Michael Hoenig has composed a diverse and extensive catalog of material. Michael’s music for The Blob is classic top shelf synth-driven electronica that fits the film like a glove. The voices, dark strings and feverish percussion create a rhythmic drive that embodies heroic desperation and a massive sense of relentless doom. Hoenig fashioned a creepy, compelling and atmospheric synth-based score, unleashing textured waves of sonic terror and suspense.

Available as a color vinyl variant (Pink/Purple Swirl Vinyl) limited to 400 copies.

Expected to ship in November of 2018.