The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

12-color Screen Print. Hand Numbered.
Printed by D&L Screenprinting. 

Available as a timed-edition for 72-hours from Monday (7/17) at 2PM (CT) through Friday (7/21) at 9PM CT.

We'll have 150 copies available at San Diego Comic-Con (Booth #835) in the afternoon on Friday (7/21).

Expected to ship September 2017.

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Height: 36"
Width: 24"
"Without a doubt my favorite hero film of all time, THE DARK KNIGHT just hits every Batman note perfectly. I wanted to create something that captured the epic IMAX scope of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City; all towering glass, metal, and nightfall lighting. It needed to be classic Batman, but current and grounded, to follow Nolan’s vision. If there was one poster I could release that everyone could get their hands on, it would have to be for this absolute modern film classic.” - Rory Kurtz