The Last Witch Hunter - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

The Last Witch Hunter - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

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Released by Milan Records

The Last Witch Hunter is the fantasy action film from director Breck Eisner. Starring Vin Diesel in the titular role, the film follows the cursed life a valiant warrior and his centuries-long struggle against an all-powerful Queen Witch. When she reappears in present day New York, the immortal hunter is forced into an unlikely alliance to stop the evil Queen’s machinations of world destruction.

Steve Jablonsky’s compelling score highlights the gothic savagery of the hunter’s quest to save the world. A frequent collaborator of Michael Bay and Peter Berg, Jablonsky started his career as an intern working for the legendary composer Hans Zimmer. 

The Last Witch Hunter has now received the vinyl treatment with a limited 500 unit pressing on 180 gram black vinyl. This release is packaged with original jacket artwork designed by Midnight Marauder, as well as a download card for a digital version of the album.